Gender Stereotypes in Fashion? Oh please!

Gender Stereotypes in Fashion

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If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Gender neutral fashion offers the space and comfort of being yourself, without restricting your style to follow a gender stereotype. Here’s why it’s time to integrate gender-neutral clothing in your wardrobe, and upgrade your style. 

Goodbye Gender Norms

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Gone are the days when fashion was limited by labels and norms. Gender-neutral fashion is smashing those antiquated ideas, proving that style knows no boundaries!  Regardless of your pronouns, you can rock a dress, skirt, trousers, boots, sneakers, hats, whatever your heart pleases and be completely you.  

Wardrobe Swaps

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While figuring out your style, raiding your sibling’s, friend’s or partner’s closet is a definite yes. Gender-neutral fashion encourages sharing clothes, because why not? Fashion is a universal language, and clothes should be too. So get swapping, clothes, jewellery, bags, and embrace a different mood everyday.  

Mix & Match Galore

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With gender-neutral style, you get to unleash your creativity and mix it up however you like. Suits with statement necklaces? Fabulous! A tutu and a polo tee? Gorgeous! It’s all about experimenting and owning your individuality. Do you!  

Fashion with a Conscience

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Gender-neutral fashion isn’t just cool for its versatility; it’s also a big win for sustainable fashion. By swapping clothes and investing in staple items, the amount of clothes bought and discarded reduces, ultimately helping not add to the fashion trash. 

Inclusivity Always Wins

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The true beauty of gender-neutral fashion is celebrating diversity and inclusivity. No matter your background, body shape, or identity, you have a space to express and dress yourself the way you want. Freely and without judgement. 

Now that you’re in the know, it’s time to hit a loved one’s closet or the stores, and explore a whole new side of you! 

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