The Lost World

 “Everyone dressed better back then” 

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In an era dominated by athleisure and casual wear, the art of dressing up has gradually faded away. There was a time when people put time and effort into creating a stylish and polished look however minimal, whether i many people now opt for comfort and convenience over sartorial elegance. This shift has led to the loss of a cherished tradition. Here’s why the art of dressing up is now becoming a lost art: 

Changing lifestyles

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Modern lifestyles have become more fast-paced and demanding, leaving less time for outfit planning. With the rise of remote work and relaxed dress codes, people have grown accustomed to casual attire. 

People follow trends blindly

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Fast fashion’s emphasis on disposable, trend-driven clothing has contributed to the decline of the art of dressing up. By prioritizing cheap and short-lived garments, we have lost appreciation for quality and durability and the pleasure of looking unique and individualistic. . 

Rise of digital culture

The proliferation of social media and online platforms has brought about a new culture of “effortless” style. With influencers and celebrities showcasing relaxed and minimalistic looks, the idea of dressing up for everyday occasions has lost its appeal. 

Blurry boundaries – an attitude of casualness

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The lines between formal and casual events have become increasingly blurred. With fewer occasions demanding formal attire, people have embraced a more casual and laid-back approach to fashion, often resorting to the easiest and most comfortable options.

Time constraints

Busy schedules and packed agendas have left little time for the thoughtful curation of outfits. Many individuals prioritize efficiency and convenience, choosing ready-to-wear outfits that require minimal effort. The art of dressing up demands time, attention to detail, and a level of creativity that can be challenging to fit into hectic lifestyles.

Cultural shifts

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In the era of casualization, the cultural shift towards comfort and convenience has inadvertently contributed to the fading allure of dressing up, as society prioritizes ease over elegance, and convenience over couture. 

While the art of dressing up may have lost some of its prominence in contemporary culture, it is important to recognize that personal style remains a powerful means of self-expression. As society continues to evolve, it is essential to strike a balance between comfort and elegance, embracing the joy and confidence that comes from dressing up.

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