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Customer Perspectives on Fashion Trends, Availability, Challenges, and Personal Style

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As working women navigate their professional lives, their personal style becomes an integral part of their self-expression and confidence. To understand their unique experiences and perspectives, we conducted interviews with inspiring working women from various industries. In this blog, we bring you their insights on personal style, preferred shopping channels, the challenges they face while shopping, and the styles or trends they believe are missing in the fashion landscape.

Personal Style Matters

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Each woman we interviewed had a distinct personal style that reflected her personality and professional aspirations. From classic and elegant to bold and eclectic, their styles were as diverse as their career paths. 10% of respondents consider themselves fashion-conscious, actively seeking out the latest trends and styles, while 90% of respondents prioritize comfort over trends, preferring clothing that allows for ease of movement and practicality.

Online VS. Offline Shopping 

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When it comes to shopping for workwear, the women we interviewed had their go-to channels. From online platforms to boutiques and department stores, they explored a variety of options. 80% of respondents prefer online shopping for fashion items, citing convenience and a wider range of choices as the primary reasons. 20% of respondents still enjoy the in-store shopping experience, valuing the ability to try on clothes and see the fit for themselves.

Right Fit? What’s that

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Despite their enthusiasm for shopping, the women we spoke with shared common challenges they encountered. Whether it was finding the right fit, navigating limited options for certain body types, or balancing budget constraints, these obstacles highlighted the need for greater inclusivity and accessibility in the fashion industry. 85% of the respondents faced challenges in not having enough fits and cuts for larger body types/ curvy women or those that don’t have a stereotypical model body.

Missing Styles

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In our interviews, we invited the working women to share their thoughts on any styles or trends they felt were missing in the current fashion landscape. Their responses were insightful, revealing potential opportunities for innovation and diversity. 70% of the respondents experienced a lack of versatile clothing especially when it came to workwear for women.

The interviews conducted with working women offered a glimpse into their personal style journeys, preferred shopping channels, challenges faced while shopping, and their perspectives on missing styles and trends. Their diverse experiences and insights serve as a reminder that fashion should be inclusive, accessible, and reflective of individuality. By embracing their voices and advocating for change, we can pave the way for a fashion landscape that empowers all working women to express themselves authentically and confidently.

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